Binary option expert trend trader a scam

Binary option expert trend trader a scam

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Last week was quite negative for the single European currency. Despite the obvious upward trend, all five days euro was falling vs. We can mention several factors that influenced this. First, investors refused to take risky assets, which, as it turned out, supported the American currency. In addition, rumors that the Fed may raise the interest rate at the next meeting, attracted attention to the dollar.

Technical analysis tells us that, the pair entered a small downstream channel, and at the moment is at a strong support level, which implies corrective movement to higher levels. We recommend to consider the current position of the pair, to open long positions for the average period. Poor`s, BNP Paribas is among the six largest banks in the world. Managing assets, the financial giant ranked 12th among the world’s largest investment companies since 2015. The spectrum of services and business maximally covers the financial market as a whole. Now the company’s stocks are in a good position to enter the market.