What is binary option

What is binary option

It isn’t too long into your web development career before you get to a point where you can what is binary option and retrieve plain-text data in your sleep. Being strong in this area is important, as plain text is the most commonly stored data format. However, there are situations in which storing and retrieving binary data is useful, too.

In this article, Larry Ullman explains exactly how you can do that using PHP and MySQL, and why you would want to. Databases are simply warehouses for information: a reliable place to put, and later fetch, data. Most of the time, the stored information will be in a plain-text format. Most developers choose to store those kinds of binary data as files on the file system. In many situations, that’s an appropriate decision. There’s no reason, for example, why it would make sense to store your site’s navigation images in a database.

Sometimes, though, developers choose to use the file system merely because they’re unaware of the alternative option. So that you can make the right decision as to where to store your data, it’s important to learn how to, and why you would, use the database instead of the file system for binary data. Databases offer several benefits over the file system. The first is additional security: Only authenticated database users can access the stored information. A second benefit of using a database for your binary data is that doing so keeps related information together. If you have a CMS that allows for the uploading of files, you might be inclined to store the document itself on the file system but place information about that document in the database.

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